Tailor-made solutions

At ARCON, you can design your safety radio remote control so that it suits you and your application optimally. Whether it's choosing colours and labelling, arranging controls, providing the best displays and safety features, our team is here to help. We offer a wide range of options, giving you the opportunity to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in your application through customised solutions.

Available colours for the T-series

ARCON transmitters are delivered by default in the colour combination grey and red. The bright red offers an excellent contrast to the switches, joysticks and the labelling. This gives you an optimal overview of all functions of your ARCON transmitter.

The option of choosing the colours is becoming increasingly important to our customers. Therefore, with the T3, T5 and T7, ARCON offers you the standard option of having the lower part of the housing in grey or blue.

With the TGD-8, you can choose between the colours grey and blue for the upper part of the housing.


To ensure safety in all areas, the optimal operability of a radio remote control is our top priority. This includes the appropriate labelling, which is required for understanding and safe operation.

The ARCON logo, which is attached by default to our safety radio remote controls, can be replaced by your company logo on request. Your logo can be attached to your ARCON control unit and to the corresponding receiver unit. In addition, you can also choose the colour of the labelling foil, which is specially adapted to your application. Of course, we offer you the option of using your own pictograms and symbols.

Your ARCON radio remote control offers a wide range of labelling options:

  • Customer logo on the transmitter and receiver
  • Labelling according to customer RAL colours
  • Labelling with machine / vehicle / crane symbols
  • Labelling in foreign languages such as Chinese, Polish, Russian


ARCON's safety radio remote controls are perfectly matched to your application! Our specialists work together with you to find the best possible positioning of all controls.

At ARCON, the ergonomics and user-friendliness of all joysticks, toggle switches, push-buttons and potentiometers are at the forefront. The distribution of information sources such as LEDs and displays will be discussed with you individually. Get your customised solution at ARCON!


Information sources are becoming increasingly important for operators of construction machinery, agricultural equipment or even when operating municipal vehicles. ARCON has the optimum solution for every individual application. Whether with the monochrome displays of the GDM series or the colour graphic displays of the GDC series, ARCON has the individual solution for your machine.

The displays were specially developed for outdoor use and can be easily read, despite strong sunlight. With the displays of the GDC series, ARCON offers a wide range of possibilities. These displays have their own processor, with which you can independently program the displays according to your individual needs.

The displays of the GDM series are available in two versions. The GDM-2 is the smaller one, with a resolution of 132x32 pixels. The larger version, the GDM-1, offers a resolution of 128x64 pixels. Both displays can be freely controlled using ASCII characters.


ARCON's colour graphic displays are available in two sizes (3.5", 4.3"). Both displays can be freely programmed using QT. ARCON provides you with a virtual machine with a pre-configured Linux development environment.

This gives our customers maximum flexibility in the design of their display, and they can change all important settings such as font, font size, backlight and the duty cycle of the display.

A brightness sensor for automatic control of the backlight is available as an option for both displays


With the ARCON video system, you always have the best overview of your crane, your construction machinery or your load. This assistance system is compatible with the T5 and T7 housing variants. With the two colour graphic displays of the GDC series, you can choose between a 3.5" or 4.3" display.

With both display variants, you can receive up to 4 camera signals. In conjunction with the GDC 4.3, you can display the camera image and feedback data simultaneously in split screen. You can use your own cameras or to purchase a suitable camera from ARCON. If you want to use your own camera, it only needs a PAL or an NTSC signal.

  • Real-time transmission
  • Reach of up to 75 metres
  • Display resolution GDC 3.5: 320x240 pixels
  • Display resolution GDC 4.3: 480x272 pixels
  • up to 4 cameras possible
  • Switchover using rotary selector
  • Camera connection using PAL and NTSC interfaces
  • Night vision mode
  • External video "transmitter" available as an option
  • Video feedback with splitscreen and simultaneous data feedback on graphic display GDC 4.3 available


ARCON also offers robust cameras that are compatible with your application. The IP69K-protected devices transmit the machine's image in real time and have motion sensor and night vision mode. With visual contact, a reach of approx. 75 m is possible.

  • Resolution: 960x480 pixels
  • Angle: 150°
  • Infra-red range: approx. 10 m
  • Protection class: IP69K

For maximum safety

At ARCON, safety is our top priority. ARCON offers a wide range of tried-and-tested and newly developed safety features:

With ARCON, the STOP can be carried out up to CAT. 3 PLe / SIL3. It puts your machine in safe condition during dangerous situations.

With the secure DIGITAL and ANALOGUE COMMANDS over CANopen Safety (UP TO CAT. 3 PLe / SIL3), ARCON provides you with maximum security.

An optional TILT SWITCH is used to detect the inclination of the transmitter or the operator. You can specify the angle and time at which a signal is triggered. Time and angle can be set separately in each direction in the X and Y axes. The Z axis is fixed.

ARCON TWO-HAND OPERATION ensures that both of the user's hands have to be on the radio transmitter. Only then, is it possible to operate the machine.

Another safety feature is the PUSH TO OPERATE function. It can be provided either in the joystick (with a pushbutton) or as a separate pushbutton anywhere on the transmitter. The customer can freely process this signal in the machine control.

Using the LOGIN / LOGOUT system option, you can operate a large number of receivers with just one transmitter. This option can be used for very complex applications, such as the control of offshore cranes in wind farms. ARCON also offers the option of working with two transmitters and one receiver in the LOGIN / LOGOUT procedure.

With the INTEGRATED CHARGING FUNCTION for the E-Pack S battery, you can charge your radio transmitter WITHOUT INTERRUPTION during operation. A special feature is the optional cable control, allowing you to switch between radio and cable operation WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. The LED display always informs you of the current status of the INTEGRATED CHARGING FUNCTION.

Optional radio and cable control

Our optional cable control enables you to remotely control your machine in places where radio is not permitted. ARCON creates the appropriate communication variant for each working environment. Depending on what you need, you can control your machine by radio or in the combinations radio + cable or radio + cable + integrated charging circuit.

We ensure that with integrated charging circuitry, switching between wireless and wired operation is fully uninterrupted. The wired transmission technology is configured according to your needs via integrated interfaces - such as RS 232/485, CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939, Profibus or Industrial Ethernet. This means you can enjoy the advantage of direct connection to your machine.

ISO 9001:2015

ARCON is regularly audited by independent testing institutes for compliance with operational procedures. We are very proud that these audits are passed with flying colours and we have a consistently high level of quality according to ISO 9001:2015.


ARCON has a large number of TÜV type examination-certified radio remote controls pursuant to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061. These examination certificates are being constantly extended.


For your offshore applications, ARCON offers a variety of products, which have a DNV-GL examination certificate.


ARCON safety radio remote controls are certified with various country-specific approvals, such as the FCC for USA, EAC for Russia and MIC for Japan. This is only a small excerpt from ARCON's portfolio. For further information, please contact the ARCON Team.


ARCON has extensive EX approvals, such as ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500/505 for the chemicals industry, mining and for many applications in the manufacturing industry.


If you need additional certificates in order to use an ARCON safety radio remote control for your application, please contact our ARCON team.